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Screw Air Compressor Problems & Solutions

The era of Industrialization has gradually changed into the Informative Era.

Invite us to always up-grade about science.

Little will we peel about Screw Air Compressor that we use in every production line of our factory.

There are some things that can hinder the performance of our production process, among them because our Air Compressor Screw is not working properly.

The problems that are often faced by Screw Air Compressor can we describe as follows:

1. High Temperature.

Each machine is no exception Screw Air Compressor, has a working temperature that has been recommended by each manufacturer.

In general Screw Air Compressor can still work normally at temperatures below 100 degrees Celsius.

Temperature above 100 Degrees Celsius is not recommended & considered to be problematic with engine Cooler system.

Generally in Temperature 110 Degree Celsius Screw Air Compressor will Stop by itself so that machine does not suffered fatal damage.

This control is done by a system called Thermocontrol.

The machine can be operated again after the temperature is below 100 Degrees Celsius.

Why is the engine experiencing excessive heat or over Themperature ...?

This question is often made by almost all of our customers.

As expressed by Mr. Karyono from the Engineering Division of PT. Mitra Saruta Indonesia is having problems with its AIRMAN.

"Sir, my machine is my routine oil change every +/- 2000 hours sometimes not 2000 hours I have changed, but why Themperature machine is always above 100 degrees Celsius ...?

There is more to complain more than that,

I used to call him Mr. Gik, Chief Engineer of PT. Gatra Mapan who complained about his ATLAS copco performance.

"Sir, can you help check my damaged machine pack ...?"

Then I changed the question: "what's the machine pack ...?"

"Damage pack, can not walk." he added.

After I did the visit was not working thermocontrolnya, so the engine burned because when the High Temperature machine can not stop.

And there are many more complaints that customers are telling us.

In general, the cause of the machine working with the high Themperature we can categorize in 2 Factors, namely:

Factor Engine Room & Engine Factor.

1.1. Factor Room:

In general, the arrangement of the room has been mentioned in the manual book engine, but a little we will describe here so we have a picture of the arrangement of machines in the room.

It is recommended that Screw Air Compressor is placed in a room away from the dust source & has good air circulation for engine performance and Themperature can be maintained.

If placed in a closed chamber so that dust is not easy to enter, it is recommended to add the chimney in the heat drainage & the air intake channel is provided with appropriate fentilasi.

This means that the hot air coming out can actually be wasted out of the room & not sucked back by the machine.

Air-in ventilation is made to allow the engine to suck in air from outside that is still Fress, so Themperature working machine can be ok.

1.2 Factor machine.

Factors that arise from the engine can be caused, among others:

- Life Time oil replacement has been reached

For Mineral Life life Time +/- 2000 Hours, if more than can cause igh Temperature on machine system & other damage.

For synthetic oil, Life Time is around 5000 to 6000 hours

- Oil filter is somewhat clogged.

Ideally, every oil change the oil filter should be replaced.

But the average recommended every 1500 to 2500 hours must be replaced.

- Oil sparator is somewhat clogged

This affects the air out because the pressure in the sparator tank increases, so that the engine temperature increases as well.

Lifet Time Oil Sparator Idelnya about 4000 Jam and max 6000 Jam.

- Cooler clogged / dirty.

Cooler is a means to get rid of heat.

There are 2 heat dissipation systems in Screw Air Compressor.

There is a Cool Air system using a kind of Radiator, and must be cleaned regularly.

it is recommended every 10,000 to 15,000 to clean the circulation inside using Oil removal.

For those who use Water Cool it is recommended to clean every 10,000 hours & use mineral-free water (Air Flute) for good cooling circulation.

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